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MP4 support in ngnix-rtmp master

Today I have finished my work on MP4 video-on-demand feature. The code in merged in master. My tests work perfectly. However I’m waiting for issues from module users.

Besides I have implemented a common framework for video-on-demand (the new play-module). Both mp4 and flv modules now work through this module.



MP4 is on its way

Today I’ve got first working MP4 streamer. The test file is audio-only mp3/44100. However there’s still a lot of work to do. The new code is in mp4 branch.

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HLS update

HLS module has been updated recently. Muxdelay parameter has been introduced to escape problems with audio. I’ve encountered a case when (audio) sample PTS was less than current PCR which caused choppy audio. After the fix it’s now OK. Sample PTS are always ahead of PCR. The config setting is hls_muxdelay with default value of 700ms. The same setting with the same default exists in ffmpeg.


Official translation of RBC Business TV channel

Leading Russian business television channel RBC (RosBusinessConsulting,, is now using nginx-rtmp for streaming video on its site