Relays & H264 in NGINX RTMP module

New-style handshake has been implemented in nginx-rtmp-module. It’s based on s HMAC SHA256-signed random bytes sent in either direction. This kind of handshake is used by all recent Flash clients and is obligatory for playing H264 by such clients. Now both old-style & new-style handshake models are supported. H264 is now can be streamed by nginx-rtmp-module.

One of major features in nginx-rtmp-module is support of relays. Relays are needed for distributed data streaming. The module supports two relay models: push and pull. Push model lets you re-translate locally published stream to a remote RTMP server. Pull model makes it possible to take stream from remote machine and publish it locally. Relays are turned on with pull and push config directives.

  1. #1 by Dennis Jacobfeuerborn on June 15, 2012 - 9:02 pm

    Does this project have a mailing list? I have some questions but I’m not sure where general discussion relating this project should take place.

    For example I wonder how to pass additional information to the callbacks like e.g. the client ip address. I tried adding “?remote_addr=$remote_addr” to the url and while setting a GET parameter like this seems to work and is passed to the callback the variable isn’t substituted.

    • #2 by rarut on June 18, 2012 - 8:16 am

      No mailing list list so far. That’s a great idea, I will create one.

      Additional params in callbacks are not supported.
      I will either support them or add as many params as possible by default.
      Thanks for your ideas.

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